The Swedish Disability Federation, 39 Swedish disability organisations in co-operation

The Swedish Disability Federation is the united voice of the Swedish disability movement before government, the parliament and national authorities. The federation was founded 1942 and consists today of 39 national disability organisations with about 400 000 individual members. Each organisation makes its own decisions and determines its own activities but on issues where all member organisations agree, common action is taken.

39 member organisations

A typical organisation model has central organisation with a main office, a general assembly, a central board and regional and local branches.

A society for all...
The basis for all work at the Swedish Disability Federation is that everyone is equal and that everybody has the right to decide over their own body and life. The goal is a society for everyone, characterized by solidarity, equality and participation. To achieve this, political initiatives are required in many fields; medical care, support services, education and training, labour market policy, physical planning, culture and information. Almost every political issue has a disability aspect. A main task for the disability movement is to inform about this and to influence decision makers and the general public.

Intensive dialogue with the government

The Swedish Disability Federation:
- Is a member of the government's disability council.
- Has separate meetings with any minister we wish to approach on a specific issue.
- Is a member of official governmental inquiry committees.
- Receives reports from governmental inquiry committees with the right to comment officially.
- Has extensive informal contact with governmental officials, groups and committees. 

Co-operation on a European level

Swedish Disability Federation is a member of the European Disability Forum (EDF), an umbrella organisation representing 80 million people with disabilities in Europe. The EDF protects the human rights of people with disabilities in dialogue with the European institutions and other European authorities.
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Presidents Meetings

Five times a year the 39 presidents of the national disability organisations meet to discuss and decide on important disability policy questions and organisational matters. One of the meetings constitutes the Annual General Assembly.


The Board prepares the meetings and draft decisions of the Presidents' Meetings and implements their decisions. The Board also has the power to decide on behalf of the Swedish Disability Federation when the Presidents Meetings not are convened.

Chairman of the board, Mr Stig Nyman

The Chairman of the Board is elected by the general assembly, and is also a full member of the Presidents' Meetings, which he chairs. He has the right to make statements on the behalf of the Swedish Disability Federation but is obliged to report to the Presidents Meetings on all his statements.

Political networks

Most of the political work in the Swedish Disability Federation is prepared in organised networks where every member organisation has the right to be represented by any person they elect.

Regional and local federations

In all counties and most municipalities there are associations of local disability organisations. They are organised in approximately the same way as Swedish Disability Federation.

How is the Federation funded?

The Swedish Disability Federation is funded by:
- Membership fees from all member organisations.
- Financial support from the state. All Swedish national disability organisations receive financial support through the national budget, decided by Parliament.
- Income from information materials, conferences, legal consulting.
- Project subsidies.
- State subsidies to employers for employees with disabilities.